Carry-on-luggage, Hamburg-Tokyo-Hamburg (2017)

How many things fit in my carry-on?

For my trip to Japan within an Artist-in-Residence programme I set myself the rule of using the dimensions of an SAS authorised cabin bag as the starting point for my work. The aim was to make as many bowls as possible, stackable, for the dimensions of a cabin bag of 35 cm, which should be the exact maximum weight of 7 kg. I then took this set of bisque-fired bowls from Kiel to Hamburg and from there on the airplane to Tokyo, and finally to my workplace in the small town of Onishi. The bowl set was then fired one week long in a traditional Japanese Anagama oven. After the Artist-in-Residence programme had finished, the cabin bag was taken back to Tokyo, then to Hamburg and back to Kiel.

In this way, the work thematises travelling itself, adapting the general conditions of international goods traffic as well as the international networking of artists and their work processes.