Glaze topography (bowl edition) (since 2019 ongoing)

The project „Glaze topography" investigates the spectrum of one single red recipe fired in 15 different public kilns of the city of Jingdezhen.

The Organisation and the idea behind the public kilns leads already to unpredictable firing findings. Each public kiln follows a different firing circle, each public kiln is fired by a different kiln master, and each kiln contains pieces of different artist with different glazes which influence the kilns atmosphere. I was interested in how many different color findings I could achieve under these circumstances. In this way I wanted to create a color map of the kilns from Jingdezhen.

Each bowl represents a different public kiln of Jingdezhen as well as a different firing, a different firing circle, a different firing atmosphere and a different kiln master, who controls these processes.

So the work „glaze topography" is a color map, a color topography shown through glaze reactions which leads to different color findings fired at one single day in the public kilns of Jingdezhen, showing together the spectrum and the potential of one single glaze recipe in Jingdezhen at that day.