Red I (2018, since 2015 ongoing)

My installation Red II reports on my art research. It's about ceramics itself, about ceramic colour. 

In my work Red I, I use scientific investigation from my research project "the colour red in ceramic technologies" as a material to make art.  Each of my red recipes is represented by a handwritten number made of porcelain fired with the appropriate ceramic surface. Numbers can occur more frequently, since different firing programmes, different firing curves, as well as different coating densities can lead to different reds despite the same recipe. Thus, a number always shows the variation of a recipe. The numbers reflect the order of my glaze production and my glaze research. 

In this way, the work reflects how ceramic colour works and at the same time uses all the results of the scientific research. The installation Red I in a representative selection out of a total of 7,000 different red shades and tones shows the ceramic spectrum of red I have found. It is my research report.