Water for Drinking (2021)

I turned 194 jars and 194 drinking vessels, each representing a nation-state of the Earth. Each jug has an embossed scale and a coloured line which marks the limit of the associated fill volume. The size of the jug symbolises the ideally available amount of clean and accessible drinking water needed to provide sufficient drinking water to all the inhabitants of the country. An embossed country name assigns the respective water level in each jug to a specific country. The fill volume symbolised by the line shows the percentage of inhabitants who actually have access to drinking water.

The size of the drinking container represents the real drinking water needs of all the inhabitants of the country concerned and also the drinking water needs of all the inhabitants of the world.

Each of the 194 jar container pairs is assigned a different ceramic water colour. The blue-grey-green tones are the result of research into different, naturally collected watercolours and imitate these colours in the glaze. The more drinking water there is in a country, the darker the colour of the water is, the less drinking water there is, the brighter the colour is.

The 194 jars are arranged in the installation. In addition, the 194 drinking containers are arranged. The two sets of arrangements face each other and are separated at the same time. The potential of the need to provide drinking water to the inhabitants of this planet is at odds with reality. Need and possession set a contrast, wrestle with each other and at the same time form an aesthetic unit.