Knowledge from outside, a tale in metamorphoses (2015)

Can there be a representation of my image of nature in other spaces? The installation "Knowledge from outside" is the materialisation of my experiences with nature. 

I spent a year studying in Norway and hiking through nature, living outside and collecting things I found beautiful. All relics of living nature that were already dead. For each of these finds I turned a base mount by hand. These bear a handwritten, eternally branded label and stamped date which represent the research report of my journey. The labels contain the scientific, Latin names and the Norwegian names of the objects as a representation of the natural origin, the location of the geographical origin and the date of the find as a representation of the hikes. The colour of the label corresponds to the colour of the natural relics. This creates an order in the mounts according to colour, as a reflection of the beautiful feeling of hiking. 

Thus, the object mounts preserve in the labels the memories of the collected, transient relics and make them indefinitely permanent due to the material of the porcelain.