Ofen-Kartografie I (2019)

This project investigates the spectrum of one single red recipe fired in one single kiln.

It is nearly impossible to achieve the same atmosphere and the same temperature in every place in the kiln.
This fact I want to use.
I used only one single recipe of red. I chose my favourite red of the red recipes, which I found
during my Jingdezhen stay.

I made porcelain tiles and glazed them all with the same glaze. I fired all of them in the same kiln, but on different levels.
By doing this I wanted to achieve a ceramic image of the kilns atmosphere and firing processes represented by the chemical
reactions in the glaze, which is visible in the different color findings.

I am interessted in how many different shades of red I can achieve with exactly one ceramic recipe in exactly
one kiln and one single firing while using the same thickness of the glaze.
I would like to show how big the influence of the technologies are in ceramics. And how different the results
can already come out in one single kiln.

I wanted to show the enormous potential of one single glaze, which has been fired in only one
kiln in one single firing. I like these in a contrast to the fact, that you as a spectator normally are used to see
only one, the artists „perfect" shade of one red recipe but never the variety including all „mistakes" and „accidents".