Technological Ornaments (2022)

The project „technological ornaments“ explores the ornamental potential of a single crystalline glaze recipe, which was fired in 15 different kilns.

Chemical reactions in certain glaze compositions causes crystalline forms to grow in certain firing processes. Each of the bowls is fired with only one and the same glaze, each represents a different firing process with a different holding time at different firing temperatures. This influences the growth of crystals and leads to different shapes of them.

Consequently, the work “technological ornaments” specifically uses ceramic technologies in a painterly way and materializes different firing technologies in the form of different glaze reactions, resulting in different visual crystalline ornaments. The work “technological ornaments” is thus a map of potential shapes showing the spectrum of crystalline ornamental forms of one single glaze. The work evokes the question of whether this glaze is a yellow or a blue surface. It forces the viewer to think differently about the definition of color for ceramics.